School Safety and Security Consulting Services Registry of Texas

Welcome to the School Safety and Security Consulting Services Registry of Texas. This online resource is provided by the Texas School Safety Center in accordance with TEC Sec. 37.2091, which mandates that all individuals providing school safety and security consulting services in the state of Texas comply and submit their information to the Registry. This information should be updated at least annually or as needed by registrants.

The Registry includes information of anyone providing services to a school district, institution of higher education, district facility, or campus. These services include advice, information, recommendations, data collection, safety and security audit services, or any other services that pertains to school safety and security regardless of whether the person is paid for those services.

The Registry is intended to serve only as an informational resource for school districts and institutions of higher education. Information and data included in the Registry is a compilation of submissions from varying individuals and entities, subject to change at the applicant’s discretion.

The inclusion of persons and affiliated companies listed in the Registry is not an indication of their qualifications or ability to provide school safety or security consulting services.

The Texas School Safety Center disclaims any responsibility for the validity of the information submitted by the applicants. References to specific commercial products, process, service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer or otherwise, does not constitute or imply endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the Texas School Safety Center.

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